Notification TLV resolutions

BANCA TRANSILVANIA S.A., we inform you that on 08.09.2021 the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders took place.

At this meeting, the company’s shareholders decided the following:

I.1. Approval of dividend distribution from the profit of 2020 as well as the reserves of the previous years as follows: allocation of the sum of RON 74,245,723 from the net profit reserves accumulated in 2019 as well as the sum of RON 425,754,277 from the net profit reserves accumulated in 2020, thus the total sum of RON 500,000,000 being distributed as cash dividends. Approval of a gross dividend per share of RON 0.07922085114 (considering the value of share capital at the registration date, the final value of the gross dividend/share being determined in accordance to the number of shares entitled to dividend at the date of registration).

I.2. Establishing the date of 23.09.2021 as the date of registration, respectively the date of 22.09.2021 as ex-date, 06.10.2021 as the date of payment.

For details, please access the current Report on the Decisions of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

For additional information, please contact the agent in charge of your portfolio.

BT Capital Partners Team