Notification PREB resolutions

S.C. PREBET AIUD S.A., informs you that on 11.05.2022, the Board of the Financial Supervisory Authority decided the following:

I. Approval of the public tender document for the compulsory takeover of PREBET AIUD S.A., initiated by Anodin Assets S.A., Ges-Green Energy Specialists S.R.L., Agreement Construct ALT S.R.L. and Impetum Investments S.A., the offer with the following features:

• The number of shares subject to the offer is 17,499,682, representing 38.4161% of the share capital

• The purchase price is: 1.84 RON / share

• Period of development: 18.05.2022 – 31.05.2022

For details, please access the Public Offer Document

For additional information, please contact the agent in charge of your portfolio.