Notification IPRU resolutions

IPROEB S.A. Bistrita, informs you that on 15.11.2021, the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders took place.

At this meeting, the company’s shareholders decided the following:

I.1. It is approved the increase of the share capital of IPROEB SA, in a single stage, with the maximum amount of 32,111,188.50 lei, from 14,271,639.30 lei to a maximum of 46,382,827.80 lei, by issuing a maximum number of 107,037 .295 new shares, with a nominal value of 0.30 lei each. Each holder of preference rights will have the right to subscribe, with preemption right, proportional to the number of preferred rights held, a number of new shares calculated according to the formula: rights held x Subscription rate, rounded to the lower whole. The subscription rate is 2.2500000052 newly issued shares for 1 share held.

Preference rights will not be traded. All the details necessary for the shareholders to exercise their preferential rights (such as: subscription procedure, subscription period, payment procedure and method, subscription validation, subscription form and allocation rights) will be included in the Proportionate Prospectus which will be approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority. The issue price for the new shares to be issued is 0.30 lei / share. The unsubscribed shares are canceled.

I.2. Establishing the date of 07.12.2021 as the date of registration, respectively the date of 06.12.2021 as ex-date, 08.12.2021 as the date of payment.

For details, please access the current Report on the Decisions of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

For additional information, please contact the agent in charge of your portfolio.