Notification IMP resolutions

IMPACT DEVELOPER & CONTRACTOR S.A. , we inform you that on 21.04.2021, the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders took place.

At this meeting, the company’s shareholders decided the following:

I.1. The increase of the Company’s share capital is approved, with the amount of RON 131,250,000, by incorporating the capital premiums in the amount of RON 69,487,043 and the result carried forward from 2020, in the amount of RON 61,762,957. The capital increase will be achieved by issuing a number of 131,250,000 new shares and allocating them to the existing shareholders on the registration date, in proportion to: 1 (one) new share issued for every 2 (two) shares held. The decision to increase the share capital will be carried out immediately after the registration in the trade register of the reduction of the share capital approved by the Extraordinary General Assembly, by decision no. 1 of February 19, 2021.

I.2. It is approved the realization of the operation of division (splitting) of the nominal value of the Company’s shares, in a 1: 4 division ratio, respectively the division of the nominal value of the share from RON 1 / share to RON 0.25 / share. The division (splitting) is to be carried out after the share capital increase operation provided in point 1 above. Following the implementation of the operation of division (splitting) of the nominal value of the Company’s shares, the share capital of the Company remains unchanged.

II.1. Establishing the date of 25.06.2021 as the date of registration, respectively the date of 24.06.2021 as ex-date, 28.06.2021 as the date of payment.

For details, please access the current Report on the Decisions of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

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BT Capital Partners Team