Margin trading

Margin transactions
    Minimum 10,000 lei
    Maximum 3,000,000 lei
    Minimum 7 days
    Maximum 6 months
    1 day
    Purchase of shares included in the BET-XT Index
    Experienced investors

What you need to know

  • The margin loan allows you to purchase shares included in the BET-XT Index.
  • The loan amount granted for share purchase represents 50% to 60% of the collateral value.
  • The collateral may be in cash or in shares composing the BET-XT Index.
  • The margin lending facility may be linked both to a broker-assisted account and to an online trading account.


  • Higher returns due to the leverage effect of margin transactions;
  • Higher investment efficiency;
  • Risk control, through daily monitoring of the account activity;
  • Access to technical, fundamental and macroeconomic analyses;


  • Trading fee, calculated based on the initial investment amount and the share turnover
  • Loan analysis fee
  • Interest charged on the committed loan balance

How to invest

  • You contact BT Capital Partners to be assigned a personal broker, or you open an online account on the BT Trade platform.
  • You transfer shares or you make a cash deposit into your BT Capital Partners account via bank transfer, in order to secure the loan.
  • The maximum loan amount granted for share purchase is determined based on the collateral value.
  • The interest rate and the analysis fee are determined based on the loan amount.
  • You sign the margin account opening documentation.
  • You trade – purchasing or selling shares – on your own initiative.
  • You receive the transaction confirmations via e-mail.
  • Your personal broker is available to assist you with any information you may need.
  • You have access to any analysis reports.
  • You can check your personal account and the transaction list online, whenever you wish.
  • The margin loan is repaid at maturity / in advance, or is extended upon your request.


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