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The website (hereinafter referred to as “BT Capital Partners website”) is the official web page of BT Capital Partners S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “BT Capital Partners”), a non-banking financial institution, Romanian legal entity having its registered office in Cluj-Napoca, Constantin Brancusi St., no. 74-76, postal code: 400462 Trade Registry Number J12/3156/1994, tax identification number 6838953.

The BT Capital Partners website is the property of BT Capital Partners S.A. and uses cookies.

BT Capital Partners owns as well other websites. These websites have, each of them, their own cookies policy.

The information presented below is intended to offer you information regarding what cookies are, as well as their placement and use on the BT Capital Partners website. There are also some useful links on this topic.

If you need more information about cookies and these are not found in this Policy, you can contact us using the following e-mail address  or you can call the Contact Center BT Capital Partners at the following phone numbers: 0264 430 564 or 021 269 20 42. Regarding the processing of personal data in the context of using cookies, you may also contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) designated by BT Capital Partners, at the following e-mail address:

What is a “cookie”?

A "Cookie Internet" (also known as "cookie browser", "HTTP cookie" or simply "cookie") is a small file composed of letters and numbers that will be stored on the computer, mobile phone or other equipment from which the Internet is accessed.

A cookie is installed upon the request sent by a browser web-server (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome) and, despite being stored on the equipment (computer, mobile phone etc.) used to access the web pages, cannot access other information stored on that device and may not contain software, viruses or spyware. 

The cookie stores important information that enhance the Internet browsing experience (e.g. setting the language of a site, keeping a user logged in to the webmail account, online banking security, keeping your products in the shopping cart).

In most cases, cookies do not process personal data (if used) and do not identify the web pages users.

A cookie is formed of two parts: the name and the content or the value of the cookie.

Which are the main cookies categories?

In terms of their duration, there are two categories of cookies:

  • Session cookies: These are temporarily stored in the web browser's cookie folder so that they can store the cookies until the user leaves the website or closes the browser window.
  • Permanent cookies: These types of cookies are stored on the hard drive of the equipment used to access a website and are not deleted when the navigation session is closed. They are retained and reused whenever the user returns to that website, but can be deleted at any time by the user, also having predefined validity periods.

From the operator who places cookies point of view, there are:

  • first party cookies - placed by the owner of the visited website
  • third party cookies (cookies placed by third parties) - placed by the operator of another website than the one visited. These third parties must also comply with the applicable law and the privacy policies of the website owner on which they place cookies.

Details regarding the typology and description of all known cookies are found at the following link:

From the purposes for which cookies are placed point of view, there are usually the following categories of cookies: strictly necessary, for analyzing and improving the websites performance, functional and promotion (targeting and advertising)

What type of cookies does the BT Capital Partners website uses?

The BT Capital Partners website uses session and permanent cookies, as well as cookies owned by or placed by third parties, for the following purposes:

Necessary cookies:

These cookies are necessary to run the BT Capital Partners website and cannot be disabled in our systems. These are, usually, only set as a response to the actions taken by the visitors of this website, through which they request various services, such as setting privacy preferences, authenticating or filling in forms. In the browser they are using, the visitors (users) can set the blocking or receiving of a warning about these cookies, but in this case, certain parts of the website may not work.

These types of cookies are exempt from the consent obtaining policy regarding their placement.

Performance and analysis cookies

These cookies allow us to count the visits on the BT Capital Partners website and the traffic sources, so that we can measure and improve its performance. In this way, we can detect which are the most popular pages in order to find out which products and services the website visitors are interested in. All the information that these cookies collect is aggregated and, therefore, anonymous. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know when, from a specific IP address, the BT Capital Partners website was visited.

Using the Google Analytics app, we collect anonymous data regarding the BT Capital Partners website visits, such as viewed pages, view duration, website’s entry page.

BT Capital Partners website functionality cookies

These cookies allow the optimal or, as the case may be, customized operation of certain sections of the BT Capital Partners website, such as videos and live chat. These cookies can be set by us or our partners, whose services we have added to the website. If you do not allow the access of these cookies, it is possible that some or all of these services may not work properly.

Promotion cookies

These cookies are set on the BT Capital Partners website, based on the agreements we have concluded with our advertising partners (e.g. Social Media websites, Google, etc.). With the help of these cookies, our partners can also see for which types of products that are on the BT Capital Partners website, a particular visitor has shown interest, and, on a subsequent visit to another website, will display the advertisements based on the product for which the visitor has shown interest on the BT Capital Partners website. This type of promotion is called targeted advertising. If you do not allow the promotion cookies, it does not mean that advertisements won’t be delivered to you on other websites, but that the advertisements displayed will be less relevant to you, as an internet user.

If you want to know more about how cookies work in relation to online advertising, please visit

The list of these cookies and the identity of the third parties who place them can be found in the following list:

- Google analytics

- Google Tag Manager

- Hotjar

How can you control cookies?

You can change the cookies settings from the BT Capital Partners website (except for the necessary cookies) by accessing the cookies settings menu. This is found in both the BT Capital Partners banner and the banner’s footer, as well as the link below:

Cookies settings:

You can also set the browser you use to block any types of cookies, including what you need. However, please note that in such a case, the websites you visit (including the BT Capital Partners website) may not work properly. Also, disabling other types of cookies (than the necessary ones), may also affect your website using experience.

Details on browser settings for blocking or deleting cookies are available below:

Google Chrome:

  • click on the key icon and select options from the list
  • click on the tab “Advanced settings”
  • click on Settings regarding the content from the Privacy section.
  • choose the settings that you want
  • Click on the x to close

Mozzilla Firefox:

  • select Tools from the main bar, then Options
  • click on the tab “Privacy”
  • choose the settings that you want
  • Click OK to close

Internet Explorer:

  • click on the icon Settings/Tools
  • click on Internet Options
  • click on Privacy then choose the options
  • Click on Apply and then on OK for saving the preferences


  • click on Preferences then on Privacy
  • in section block cookies choose your options regarding cookies
  • save the preferences

Security and aspects concerning privacy

To avoid cookies-based IT attacks, we recommend you verify that the browser version you are using is always up to date.

The data collected by cookies is generally anonymous. For the cases in which the cookies process personal data, you can benefit of the rights set forth in Banca Transilvania Confidentiality Policy, which you can find at the following link:  http: // and-safety-data-personal /