Top 100 Most Valuable Romanian Companies, 2016 Edition

Once again, BT Capital Partners released the ranking of the most valuable Romanian companies at the prestigious ZF Gala, the number one event of the Romanian business environment, hosted by Ziarul Financiar. This top has already reached the 11th edition and became a tradition for BT Capital Partners.
Hidroelectrica, the biggest energy producer in Romania, was assessed at Eur 2.9 billion, up 16% compared to last year and continuing its uptrend. This outcome placed the state-owned company on the top of the list for the first time, after overcoming insolvency this June. OMV Petrom and Orange ranked second and third.
The most valuable Romanian companies were assessed to be worth Eur 60.5 billion in total, up 5% compared to last year.
The valuation relied on the market capitalisation as at Nov 1, 2016 for listed companies, and on the 2015 financial indicators for unlisted companies.