BT Capital Partners and International Investment Bank, Expanding Collaboration Opportunities to Support Romanian Capital Market

BT Capital Partners (BTCP), the consulting and brokerage company of Transilvania Bank Financial Group and International Investment Bank (IIB) have started a Strategic Cooperation Partnership in order to expand collaboration between the two institutions and to further cooperation in the field of capital markets. The agreement has been signed by Paul Prodan, Chairman of the BTCP Board of Directors and by Denis Ivanov, Vice-President of the IIB Board of Directors.
BT Capital Partners and International Investment Bank envisage developing the partnership in the following directions: syndicated and interbank loans, treasury operations, bank consulting and guarantees including export-import operations, launching credit lines for SME’s, namely experience and financial expertise exchanges, so that many organizations could implement the latest technologies.
“This agreement is continuing the excellent cooperation with the International Investment Bank to attract funding through the Bucharest Stock Exchange. We are confident that the partnership will be a powerful impetus for increasing the financial intermediation level in Romania” – says Paul Prodan, Chairman, Board of Directors, BT Capital Partners.
“The agreement institutionalizes our successful long term cooperation with BT Capital Partners assisting our bank in funding by the Bucharest Stock Exchange at advantageous costs. I am convinced that the partnership will contribute in the growth of the Romanian capital market and economy” – says Denis Ivanov, Deputy Chairman, Board of Directors, International Investment Bank.
Benefiting from the assistance of BT Capital Partners in 2015 and 2016, the International Investment Bank has successfully placed two bond tenders on the Romanian market, totalling 411 million Lei (≈ 90 million Euros). These are among the largest investments made by international financial institutions in Romania, awarded by the Brokers Association for the contribution in the development of the corporate bond market in the past two years. In 2013, IIB awarded BT Leasing, a member of Transilvania Bank Financial Group, a credit line of 10 million Euros to support the SME’s in Romania.