Mixed account
    10.000 lei – BSE, 3.000 euro – international companies
    Lei or Euro
    Identity document
    Proof of bank account
    Beginner investors
    Experienced investors
    Bucharest Stock Exchange
    Vienna Stock Exchange


  • Permanent availability of an experienced broker;
  • Advice and recommendations based on technical, fundamental and macroeconomic analysis;
  • You place orders directly on the online trading platform, based on your broker’s recommendation or on your own initiative;
  • Online portfolio tracking;
  • Access to information and to the current trends, due to the connection to stock exchange flows;
  • Possibility to choose between a speculative and a long-term investment.


The only cost is the trading fee, negotiated based on the initial investment amount and the cumulative share turnover.

How to invest

  • Contact BT Capital Partners and you will be assigned a personal broker.
  • You sign the agreement and the account opening form, choosing the option to place orders via the trading platform.
  • You make a cash deposit into your BT Capital Partners account via bank transfer.
  • You trade – purchasing or selling shares – based on your broker’s recommendations or on your own initiative.
  • You place trading orders yourself on the online trading platform or through your personal broker.
  • You receive the transaction confirmations via e-mail.
  • Your personal broker is available to assist you with any information you may need.
  • You have access to any analysis reports.
  • You can check your personal account and the transaction list online, whenever you wish.


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