BT Capital Partners intermediated the listing of the largest issue of corporate bonds in BSE history

Globalworth Real Estate Investment Limited, one of the most important real estate investment companies, focused on the CEE region, in partnership with BT Capital Partners – a company of Banca Transilvania Financial Group, announces the admission to trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange of the corporate bonds issued by the company (symbol GWI22). The corporate bonds issue had a total value of 550 million and is the largest issue of this type in the history of the BSE.

The admission of the corporate bonds issued by our company to trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange marks a milestone for the company, for our growth path and a promise we are making regarding our future development plans. Our main focus remains further investing, growing and sourcing new opportunities in Romania, our home country and this is another step we make towards this mission, by aiming to simplify our debt capital structure and reducing our average cost of debt, stated Dimis Raptis, Deputy CEO and Chief Investment Officer Globalworth.

The admission to trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange of the corporate bonds issued by Globalworth should be an example for other companies and, hopefully, the Romanian business environment will start looking more towards the capital market as a source of funding. BT Capital Partners is very involved in helping to increase the level of financial intermediation in Romania and wants to become an example in this respect, said Paul Prodan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BT Capital Partners

When a company carries out a transaction and lists its shares, it allows us to strengthen the identity of the Romanian capital market. But we cannot have a developed capital market without a market for debt instruments such as bonds. If investors buy bonds, this means that they understand and accept all the local risks reflected by bond interests. If investors ask for bonds to be placed on the stock market, that means they appreciate a level of liquidity and transparency that contributes to investor security. So, it is very important that Globalworth corporate bonds, as a result of global placement, start trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. We are proud of this fact, which confirms this historical evolution of the Romanian capital market, said Ludwik Sobolewski, CEO of Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The corporate bonds GWI22 are traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in Euro, in denominations of EUR 100,000 and settlement will be performed in RON. The exchange rate established by the National Bank of Romania (BNR) on the banking day previous to the trading session is taken into account for the calculation of the corporate bonds value (in RON) of the executed order on that trading day. This exchange rate is applied throughout the entire trading hours of these corporate bonds, on that trading day.
Globalworth corporate bonds have also been admitted to trading on the regulated market of the Irish Stock Exchange.